Taping is one of major steps after rhinoplasty. In fact, taping the nose after rhinoplasty encourages the nose to re-shrink down onto the underlying bone and cartilage and prevents acute inflammation. Taping continues for 3 weeks to 2 months according to the nose type (normal or fleshy nose) and level of swelling after rhinoplasty. You’d better know that taping the nose much more than is necessary may be detrimental and causes acne on the nose and the surrounding areas.

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Taping method

  1. It is deserving of note that removing the former tapes on the nose is more important than taping. The tapes must be removed only in the shower while the tapes have gotten totally wet and come loose; otherwise, the nasal skin is pulled up and off the underlying bone and cartilage and swelling will be aggravated.
  2. Clean your nose thoroughly with water and soap so that no trace of glue remains on your nose. Then you can cleanse the nasal skin with a ball of cotton impregnated with alcohol.
  3. You’d better get your bare nasal skin into the air for two hours after removing the tapes and cleaning the nasal skin. If there is a skin allergy you can rub calendula ointment on the nasal skin, then after two hours remove the ointment and tape the nose again.
  4. Various types of tapes including transparent and opaque tapes are being sold. But the best is a paper tape made by 3M that is hypoallergenic and you can get it at a local pharmacy. Other products are not recommended.

The picture of a roll of 3M tape

  1. Cut a strip of 12-15 cm tape, then bring the tape down and contact the lateral side of the nose. Next, pass the strip of tape under the columella of the nose and then attach the corner of the tape to the opposite lateral side of the nose. This strip of tape shouldn’t obstruct the nostrils.


Then connect two corners of the tape to each other until the nasal tip. Next, cut the excess tapes with a pair of scissors.


Stick another piece of 5cm tape on the both edges of previous tape lest it came loose.


Next, cut 4 strip of tape and place the first piece of tape horizontally draped over the nose and extended over lateral sides. You have to start going down the nasal bridge with 3 more pieces so each new tape must a little overlap the previous tape.


Some people may break out in a rash on the nasal skin and around the nose due to taping the nose. These patients are advised to meticulously cleanse the place with alcohol after removing the tapes, and wait for 4-6 hours and then tape the nose again in order that pimples gradually subside.

Video explanation of taping

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