Drooping of the nasal tip is one of the concerns of applicants for rhinoplasty. The question is that whether the nasal tip may droop after rhinoplasty? And if it might, how much?

Drooping the nasal tip after rhinoplasty is possible and the reason behind it is gravity as well as this point that the tissues sustaining and supporting the nasal tip may come loose. The amount of drooping following rhinoplasty varies according to the technique which has been utilized for rhinoplasty. Most surgeons turn up the nasal tip a little bit more than desirable angle so the nose is still upturned enough after drooping.

It is definitely not necessary to be worry about ending up with the droopy nose you had before rhinoplsaty. Drooping of the nasal tip is surely so little that remains hidden and is difficult to detect. tip Nasal tip rotation is figured out by measuring the angle between the long axis of the nostril rim and  an imaginary line at right angles to upper lip. This angle should be 95-110 degrees in women and 90-95 degrees in men. For female patients, the surgeon rotates the nasal tip a little more for instance 120 degrees. Therefore the nasal tip rotation stays in the aesthetic ideal despite the fact that the nasal tip is drooped about 5-7 degrees after rhinoplasty. However, nasal tip rotation is one of those issues which is decided by the patient

It is of considerable importance to know that drooping of the nasal tip won’t stop by frequently taping the nose. Excessive application of the tape just causes skin disorders such as acne on the face or other areas. By virtue of the method of rhinoplasty that Dr. Gharooni utilizes, drooping of the nasal tip is very little and negligible so no complaint will be dealt with.

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