It is repeatedly observed that the patient starts to go through the nasal shape and nostrils and most of the time it will lead to getting dissatisfaction from the severely swollen nose following rhioplasty. But it is not the real final shape of the nose, since inflammation only subsides gradually and the nose comes in original shape, commonly say fitting fine, after passing the time. After the splint over the nose is removed by the physician replacing by adhesive tape within 7-10 days after rhinoplasty, the patient stands hours in front of the mirror. This pointless behavior induces needless stress, anxiety and sometimes depression as a result of overstating nasal deformities improving gradually.

Keep this vital point in mind:

A review of the nasal shape can be conducted and the comments can be offered only when 6months-2years passes since rhinoplasty day.

    The purpose of rhinoplasty is giving a better nasal appearance, not having a perfect nose or the best nose. In fact, undergoing a rhinoplasty enhances your visual appearance, but all of problems are never resolved. Of course, daily scrutinizing the nose, you will surely find trivial asymmetries usually hidden and difficult to detect. This act just upsets the patient and even depresses him/her. Regretfully, folk’s wrong and occasionally biased comments about the nose cause too much concern.

Try to have in mind how much the nasal shape has improved after surgery and compare your present nasal appearance to preoperative appearance. Talk to your physician about problems you have in mind. Therefore being aware of your concern, the physician is able to relieve your concern explaining the fact that you’re not aware of. So keep consulting with your physician and trust him with his remarks instead of being overcome by grief.

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