Cigarette smoking negatively impacts vessels in general and capillaries in particular and impairs capillaries of the skin. Therefore the recovery time is longer and worse for the patients who smoke. You’re advised to stop smoking at least 2 weeks before and after nasal and facial plastic surgery. Blood circulation is a major factor in repairing tissue injuries. The better circulation and carrying the blood to the injured part ends in a better recovery.  Two decisive factors make blood circulating through injured tissue difficult: First, smoking and the other is having diabetes.

Cigarette smoking impairs vessel walls and tightens them so the heart disease and heart attack is suffered. In fact smoking narrows the veins and necessary blood is not carried to the heart and causes a heart attack. Arteries responsible for feeding the skin are also tightened by smoking and subsequently transporting oxygenated blood is impaired and therefore the skin a little weakens. You’ve probably heard that smoking damages the skin. The reason is poor circulation described above.

Recovery starts immediately following rhinoplasty and those parts which have received incisions keep getting better. For people who smoke and circulation is naturally worse than normal situation, recovery begins later and much slowly keep to improve, so that suture scarring and nasal swelling last longer after rhinoplasty.

It is fascinating and of great importance to know that if the patient quits smoking just from 2 weeks before rhinoplasty to 2 weeks after rhinoplasty stops harmful effects of smoking  on the skin and the tissue normally recovers. So the patients who smoke are advised to stop smoking at least 2 weeks prior to and after rhinoplasty.

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