Revision rhinoplasty improves the nose undergone previously a primary rhinoplasty.

Proper time for a revision rhinoplasty

A revision rhinoplasty have to be carried out for at least 6 months and preferably one year after the primary rhinoplasty.

Deformities which can be repaired in a revision rhinoplasty:

  1. removing the nasal hump
  2. alteration of the nasal tip and its drooping
  3. narrowing the bony bridge
  4. repairing an asymmetrical nose as much as possible
  5. correction of an over-rotated piggy nose
  6. increasing the size of the nose extremely reduced in former rhinoplasty as much as possible

Necessary materials for a revision rhionplasty

Both primary and revision rhinoplasties are in need of cartlage to reconstruct nasal framework. There are two sources of cartilage.

  1. Internal source
  2. External source

Dr. Gharooni exclusively makes use of internal cartilages, i.e. the patient’s and doesn’t agree to use external cartilages out of the patient’s body.( external source of cartilage obtains from other patients, corpse or plastic implants.

Cartilage is found in 3 parts of body:

  1. Nose
  2. Ears
  3. Ribs

 The nose is the best source of cartilage. In fact, central column of the nose, termed as septum, which divides the nose into two parts, is the best source of cartilage in the whole body. The excess cartilage of the septum can be utilized to reshape other parts of the nose or using grafts for them. When all of cartilages in septum is used in the primary rhinoplasty, we have to use other sources i.e. ear and rib. Using ear cartilage will not lead to disfigurement in the ear and the ear completely improves after a while. When more cartilages are needed, rib cartilage is utilized which leave only a stitches mark. However, getting rib cartilage may put the patient’s life in potential danger, albeit really trivial danger if there’s a skilled surgeon.

A revision rhinoplasty for the most desirable outcome

I have to remind you of the point that revision rhinoplasty is not recommended if there are insignificant deformities. In addition, it takes at least 6 months and preferably 1-2 year(s) to be able to undergo a revision rhinoplasty.

Bear in mind that a revision rhinoplasty is not completely for the second or the third time.

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