Rinse of the nose with a volume expander such as a normal saline is an important step after rhinoplasty. This act relieves swelling in the mucus lining of the inside of the nose and flushes out blood clots and improves breathing and resolves nasal congestion.  To wash inside the nose, you should provide a 10 cc syringe and then detach the needle and discard it. Next, draw up the saline and gently expel it into the nose. The important point is that while you’re expelling the saline into the nose a right angle must be between the syringe and your face and the syringe mustn’t run parallel to the face. The more rinse during the day, the better. Various nasal wash kits are sold at pharmacies, though Dr. Gharooni is of the idea that this is the best way of rinsing inside the nose after rhinoplasty. However you can begin to rinse the nose using the syringe and the saline for 3-4 days after nasal surgery, the nose must be washed very gently within first days. The purpose behind the nasal rinse is just rinsing per se, and it is not necessary to draw and sniff the saline from one nostril then saline to run out and finally to squirt and blow it from the opposite nostril. Regular punctual nasal rinse with saline must be taken seriously by patient and be repeated over the day. Otherwise, nasal liquids and mucus as well as blood clots remained since the surgery cause nasal congestion, breathing problems and impaired sense of smell. Furthermore, the accumulated debris inside the nose may become infected and the mouth is filled with an unpleasant odor and cause bad breath which may develop into mucositis or painful inflammation of the mucus lining of the nose. If a tampon is inserted into your nose after rhinoplasty by your surgeon, it is removed after 3 days, then you can start rinsing your nose with a volume expander. If the tampon is not inserted you can begin gently washing the inside of the nose from the third day after surgery.

Following video and pictures explain the procedure and method of rinsing the nose after rhinoplasty.

video and pictures

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