Scarring due to stitches fade for 6 months after rhinoplasty and it is visible only at close quarters looking thoroughly at it.

Some factors lead to a delay in recovery which is of poor quality. So you should avoid them:

  1. Cigarette or hookah smoking
  2. exposure to the sun for a long time
  3. using a solarium
  4. diabetes

It is recommended that avoid cigarette or hookah smoking within 2 weeks before and after rhinoplasty and refrain exposure to the sun for 3 months if not necessary and don’t use a solarium for 6 months.

Sutures vary according to the method of rhinoplasty. In the open rhinoplasty columella (central fleshy column between nostrils) receives incisions and at the end gets stitches, but in the closed rhinoplasty the incisions are not made on the colulmella and are suffered through inside the nose. Reduction of nostrils requires a cut on the outer part of nostrils in both methods. These cuts are also closed with sutures after rhinoplasty. Type of stitches and the method of getting stitches effect the level of stitches mark. Dr. Gharooni uses the most delicate sutures to sew the cuts. Hence none of his patient have complained about stitch marks after rhinoplasty.

All stitches you got on your skin at the end of rhinoplasty are non-absorbable and in need of removal within 7-10 days after surgery. The question sometimes raised is that why absorbable sutures are not used. In answer to this question is that dissolvable sutures leave a broader scar. However, these dissolvable stitches are used for inner incisions and may come out of the nose a few months after rhinoplasty.

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