Unfortunately the comments often made by patient’s friends and relatives after rhinoplasty cause problems. They sometimes express their opinion just 1 day after surgery while the nose is still in the plaster.

These opinions will only lower the patient’s self-confidence and make him/her to feel depressed.

It is interesting that people are of contradictory ideas and the patient’s self-confidence will be reduced anyway. For instance one of relatives prefers a tiny Barbie nose and the other one is into having a natural one which is not too small. Both of them give their opinions regarding the nose. If the outcome is a natural nose, the person interested in Barbie nose will tell the patient that doesn’t look good. In contrast, if the patient has Barbie nose after surgery, the person eager for natural nose will say your nose is extremely small.

It is of great importance to remember that your nose style after rhinoplasty depends on consultation sessions prior to surgery.

Dr. Gharooni listens carefully to your comments and makes notes of the criteria important for you. So your nose is designed on the basis of your comments and surgeon should perform the rhinoplasty according to your ideas and wishes expressed before surgery. However Dr. Gharooni will point out to the patient the issues which haven’t come to his/her mind and are in need of rethinking.

It is not feasible to satisfy all of your blood relatives, relatives by marriage and friends. Since points of view and aesthetic senses are different from person to person.

Regrettably, some of those who talk about your nose have wicked intentions and deliberately try to put you in a lousy mood. You should remember that the surgical outcome of rhinoplasty can be evaluated only 6 months after undergoing the surgery. The best people who can offer opinions about your nose are father, mother, siblings and wife or husband. Other people may make sinister remarks.

The points mentioned above are acquired over many years performing rhinoplasty and consultation sessions prior and after rhinoplasty by Dr. Gharooni.

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