At the persent time Patients have the oppurtunaty to previously imagine how their nose partially look like following rhinoplsty, thanks to the advances in technology and photo editing must know that this computer photo modification significantly differs from a nasal surgery performed by surgeon’s hand and mind. While errors in a computer photo editing can be rectified, there’s not such opportunaty during a rhinoplasty. In fact this pre-operative computer photo modification helping the patients to be partly familiar with their nose after rhinoplasty is worth a lot. Furthermore the patient’s comments are received and he/she will be aware of the results.

Nevertheless there is no guarantee that the patient will achieve the surgical result remarkably similar to the computer photo edited before rhinoplasty.

A computer design requires standard photos of the face and the nose from different angles.

Computer design can also be performed on amateur photos taken by the client. However, the more standard photos, the better design and closer to reality.

A nugget of wisdom regarding computer-aid photo editing is to stop excessive insistence on your comments. Because every alteration might be made on your nose in a computer design, e. g. achieving a very smaller nose or a very smaller nasal tip, commonly known as a sharp nose, though the same changes are not viable in a surgery. Therefore all of your wishes done in a computer design will not entirely come true in a rhinoplasty and your insistence leads you not to satisfy with surgery outcome and to feel failure to achieve your ideals of an elegant nose, remaining insensible of these illogical unrealistic ideals.

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