Elective surgeries are not recommended during pregnancy and it’s much better to postpone having a rhinoplasty. The patient who is planning to become pregnant, it might be better if she avoids getting pregnant at least for 2 months after rhinoplasty. This two-month period is due to the swelling developed in the body including face and nose during pregnancy especially in the second and the third trimesters of pregnancy which can make changes in the recently-proportioned nasal framework. However, if the instruction above regarding necessary space of time between rhinoplasty and getting pregnant is followed, the inflammation due to pregnancy doesn’t affect outcome of rhinoplasty. On the other hand, rhinoplasty can be performed 2 months after giving birth and putting on the weight prior to pregnancy.

It is of enormous importance to point out that the mother shouldn’t nurse her baby for a few days after rhinoplasty, as anesthetic used in rhinoplasty may be mixed with breast milk and then baby may be a little affected by anesthetic.  The patients who are planned to get pregnant after rhinoplasty , if they wait two months after surgery they can be sure that the surgical outcome won’t be affected by pregnancy. However, mother will develop inflammation in the whole body including the face and the nose over pregnancy and therefore the nose will get bigger, after giving birth and when generalized swelling is relieved, the nose start to get smaller and finally will be shrunk to its original size and you don’t need to be worry about that. Taping the nose will not prevent the nose from swelling in pregnancy.

As for the ladies with babies older than 1 year old, they have no limitation to undergo rhinoplasty. Just pay attention that the children at the age of 1-6 are into being cuddled and cradled by their mother, so you may be accidentally hit by them in your face or nose. So you should avoid hugging the children for a while after rhinoplasty lest be hit unintentionally by them

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