Rhinoplasty can be done using two methods as a whole:

  1. General surgery using general anesthesia
  2. General surgery using local anesthesia and sedation (reduction of consciousness)

Dr. Gharooni prefers general anesthesia for rhinoplasty. In this method after coming into the operating theatre and meeting medical personnel and board-certified anesthesiologist, an IV (a small-bore needle) attaches to your body through the vein in the back of the hand or in the inner elbow. Insertion of this needle doesn’t inflict a pain more than an intramuscular injection. This vein is the way through which anesthetic and analgesic enters your body. It is the only painful injection into your body.

Following Intravenous Infusion of initial anesthetic by anesthesiologist, first of all, you feel dizzy for a few seconds (doesn’t last more than 5-10 seconds) then muscles relax and You lose your consciousness in a while. So you won’t feel pain or be aware of the surgery anymore.

 Afterward a breathing tube responsible for letting the air flow lung during the surgery is inserted into the windpipe through the mouth by the anesthesiologist. The breathing tube prevent saliva and blood flowing into the lungs, therefore proves another merit of general anesthesia method.

 Throughout rhinoplasty you are entirely monitored for blood pressure, heart rate and oxygen level by high-tech equipment.

In local anesthesia method you don’t drift off to sleep and no breathing tube is inserted. Firstly, the injected drug reduces your awareness of time, position and pain and then local anesthesia totally numbs the nose. It resembles what a dentist do to remove a tooth. One drawback is that saliva and blood may be swallowed and even may enter in the lungs or respiratory tract.

It is noteworthy that scientific works of anesthesia and plastic surgery suggest that general anesthesia in addition to an inserted breathing tube is the best and least risky method of rhinoplasty and Dr. Gharooni uses this method too.

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