1. Performing routine medical tests including CBC,PT,PTT,INR,FBS,BUN,CR
  2. Talk to your surgeon about any allergy to food or drugs
  3. You have to
  4. You’re strongly advised to inform your surgeon of your special disease like thyroid problem, diabetes, anemia, thalassemia, blood clotting problems
  5. It is strongly recommended talking to your surgeon about problems in which you’ve during previous anesthesia.
  6. You must tell your surgeon if you take a special medicine. Refrain taking such drugs as aspirin, ibuprofen, Gelofen, vitamin E, indomethacin, naproxen and Advil as much as possible for two weeks prior to rhinoplasty.
  7. Make sure that you’re not pregnant. You can ask your physician for essential medical tests if necessary.
  8. Stop smoking for four weeks, or at least one week and also stop drinking alcohol a few days before rhinoplasty.
  9. taking professional photos of the face and the nose
  10. Stop eating and drinking for 8 hours before the surgery. Pay attention nothing including water is allowable during this period
  11. It is sufficient to avoid eating for 8 hours before surgery. So more avoidance is not necessary.
  12. Eat a nutritious light meal for dinner 8 hours before rhinoplasty
  13. Some people wrongly eat a high-fat food to strengthen previous to surgery. It induces nausea and vomiting following rhinoplasty. So try to eat nutritious light food which can be easily digested.
  14. You must come to the hospital for surgery while you’ve previously taken a shower.
  15. Keep your appointment for surgery and attend hospital at the scheduled time.
  16. If possible, bring two relatives or friend to the hospital with you
  17. Men are advised to shave off their face
  18. Fashion nails and nail polish shouldn’t be worn by women to hospital
  19. Take off your jewelry such as ring and earrings at home, and then come to the hospital.
  20. Remember taking your contact lenses off prior to rhinoplasty
  21. You’d better avoid wearing make-up on the day of surgery
  22. You would better wear a comfortable button-front shirt on the surgery day to avoid pulling the shirt over your head.

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