Some applicants for rhinoplasty are looking for a delicate small nose, commonly referred to as a dolly (Barbie) nose.

In their point of view the smaller nose is the prettier one. They expect the smallest nose of the world.

We must know that two major tasks are undertaken by the nose: the paramount task is respiratory function. The other task is significantly enhancing the appearance.

Excessive nasal reduction impairs respiratory function. Iranians have a bigger nose compared with other races. So the request for nasal reduction is more. It must be mentioned that a rhinoplasty naturally leads to a rather smaller nose. Nonetheless nasal reduction is based on special principles and rhinoplasty mustn’t be performed only to substantially shrink the nose.

Rhnioplasty is actually a surgery which includes following steps:

  • Resolving nasal deformities, for example a nasal hump or a droopy nasal tip
  • Enhancement of nasal appearance

Improving appearance assumes importance following repairing nasal disfigurements. The nose is not exclusively beautified by reduction. Some components need structural reinforcement and some need to be shrunk.

Keep in mind that nose should be commensurate with other facial parts. A tiny nose at a huge face doesn’t look attractive. Furthermore the patient will run into breathing problem, snoring in sleep and load breathing. You should know reoperation of a fancy (Barbie) nose after rhinoplasty is daunting. Be wise today so you don’t cry tomorrow. 

Dr. Gharooni says to many applicants for a Barbie nose that although rhionplasty of a fancy nose was in fashion 10-15 years ago, it has gone out of fashion now.

Your nose after rhinoplasty should serve you for many years. Will you be glad to have a fancy nose 20 years later at middle age?

You can imagine how it seems to see a lady at the age of 40-50, a wife, mother of children, with a career who has a tiny Barbie over-rotated upturned nose.

So you’d better expect a natural stylish nose without deformities which enjoys simultaneously beauty and normal breathing. 

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