Satellites broadcast deceitfully charming commercials for various products such as kitchen knife , scissors, anti addiction pills, diet pills, apparatus for nasal reduction and even face-lifting beauty massage devices etc.

These are absurd ads and there is no scientific source supporting these apparatus and they are swindling. You have wasted your money on purchasing this apparatus. It is not sufficient to assure yourself of accuracy of these advertisements due to being promoted by TV. Have you ever seen only one of your friends, relatives or neighbors using this apparatus achieving a satisfactory outcome?

Similar ads have already been run for Electric Stomach Slimming Belts for Weight Loss and Fat Burning on satellite television.

 Is there anyone among your relatives who has used this apparatus and now enjoys of a lean body, so he has gotten the weight off and satisfied with the purchase.

The nose consists of three main parts:

  1. The skin over the nose
  2. The bone
  3. The cartilage

During rhinoplasty changes are made on the underlying bony and cartilage skeleton, so the skin usually doesn’t receive any incisions. In fact, first of all the nasal skin is lifted up and then desirable changes are made in underlying structures consisting of the bones and cartilage. Now think realistically. Is it feasible that an apparatus which only vibrates and shakes other things performs all steps described above?

Remember these points about rhinoplasty:

  1. There is not any kind of laser rhinoplasty
  2. The patient in all methods of rhinoplasty develops swelling after rhinoplasty
  3. No rhinoplastly is performed using high-tech apparatus.
  4. Rhinoplasty cannot be carried out just in a few minutes.

5.       Apparatus for nasal reduction is swindling

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