For Dr. Gharooni the consultation session prior to rhinoplasty is paramount to patient’s satisfaction with the surgical outcome. At this important session, patient should talk over deformities of the nose he/she has realized and he/she thinks they are in need of modification to Dr. Gharooni. If there is any point not mentioned by the patient, Dr. Gharooni will discuss it with him/her.

In the next step patient explains his/her expectations of the rhinoplasty, i.e. what type of the nose he/she prefers. This is a major step since he/she is talking about his/her expectation of the surgery. Now the important point we must bear in mind is to see whether these are realistic expectations or not. Lastly, Dr. Gharooni honestly gives the patient the facts. For example it is not realistic to expect a bulbous nose with a thick skin, commonly called a fleshy nose, to turn into a very small delicate nose. If the patient doesn’t change his/her mind about rhinoplasty, undergoing the surgery planning to have a small nose after rhinoplasty his/her nasal surgery will lead up to the depression and  dissatisfaction.

In the consultation session, the physician has the main task of guiding the applicant for rhinoplasty towards the right path and providing information about the surgical limitations. The patient can correctly make up his/her mind about undergoing the rhinoplasty after gaining a better understanding of the surgery and of the point that it wouldn’t work miracle and it just partly enhances appearance of the nose.

Nevertheless, a lot of times the patient’s expectations and wishes are fulfilled. The crucial issue in this regard is to be realistically frank with the patient about nasal appearance and disfigurement previous to the surgery and that which deformities can or can’t be resolved.

  • Excessive reduction of a very bulbous nose will impair nasal breathing.
  • A thick-skinned fleshy nose mustn’t be extremely reduced through a surgery. Since it will begin to droop, commonly called to return, in a while.

As it was formerly mentioned, Dr. Gharooni aims to provide factual information about surgical outcome.

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