Tampon or mesh is inserted into the nose after rhinoplasty to absorb nasal mucus and blood and will be removed 72 hours later. No pain is felt within removal. The patient feels ticklish or slight sting sensation. Nonetheless the patient can request that insertion of tampon to be ignored. This tampon inserted in the end of rhinoplasty is made of cotton impregnated with tetracycline ointment. The inserted tampon absorbs nasal liquids collected within several days. The tampon usually is removed 2-3 days after rhinoplasty and then nasal breathing improves. But if the tampon isn’t inserted after surgery the nasal liquids dries inside the nose and it takes the patient more to breath easily. However if the patient wants and avoids insertion of tampon and insists on his/her decision, his/her request will be fulfilled.

Splint or plaster cast is put around your nose after rhinoplasty and maintains final shape of nose and is removed 7-10 days following rhnioplasty.

Surgeon narrows the bony nasal bridge using controlled bone fractures so that the bone become mobile then are gathered together around the central line. Therefore the nose is slimmer. Splint or plaster cast is put around your nose after rhinoplasty to sturdily maintain re-set bones growing back together. This plaster cast is removed 7-10 days after rhinoplasty by Dr. Gharooni. Henceforth, the adhesive tape is used on the nose instead of splint.

Don’t take a shower while you have a nose in plaster lest it get wet. If you really need to take a bath, refer to the topic about taking bath after surgery and learn the method.

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