One essential step prior to nasal surgery is taking photos of the face and the nose. It differs from X-ray and CT scan pictures of face and sinus. It is actually a photograph of the face and nose, not being retouched depicting the entire various camera angels of the face and the nose, including misalignments and deformities.

The important point is that family or passport pictures won’t come in useful. Therefore you must go to special centers introduced by your doctor that medical photography is their specialty. These photographs are taken in medical photography studios and the physician receives further information concerning the method of the surgery and actions must be taken for repairing nasal deformities through observing and analysis of these photographs.

Dr. Gharooni conducts an in-depth analysis of facial and nasal dimensions before surgery and introduces a pilot scheme of your surgery. It is noteworthy that the size of other facial components (such as length of forehead, length of lower one third of the face including the lips and the jaw, eyebrow position and …)  is of great importance for arrangement of your rhinoplasty.

The surgeon can evaluate and measure these items by virtue of observing pre-operative photographs. Having no make-up on is a feature of pre-operative photographs to depict accurately all facial and nasal disfigurements.

There is a standard size for photographs that must be met which means facial and nasal dimensions are left in their original real size so that a 5.5 cm real nose ends in an exact –no more, no less- 5.5 cm nose in the photograph.

The pictures taken in ordinary photography studios aren’t helpful in assessment and analysis prior to rhinoplasty. In fact relying on them is against the patient himself/herself. As they lack essential norms. You’d better take the photographs 3 days before surgery and deliver them to Dr. Gharooni so he has enough time to analyze them.

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