You’re advised to avoid taking a bath while you have a nose in plaster lest it gets wet within the first week after rhinoplasty. If you really need to take a bath, you can follow this instruction:

You can wash your body except your head. If you want to wash your hair, you’d better sit down on a chair in the bath with your head tilted back and another person gently gives your hair a bath and rinses it off

Following the steps above, you can easily take a bath and the splint and tapes will not get wet.

You can use a moist handkerchief to clean your face with the exception of the area in plaster.

You should visit Dr. Gharooni’s office for removal of the splint (plaster cast put around your nose) 7-10 days after rhinoplasty. The office will offer a scheduled appointment to you.

on the day you have scheduled for removal of the plaster cast on your nose, take a shower one hour prior visiting the office so that splint totally gets wet and easily be removed in the office.

The adhesive tape is used on the nose by Dr. Gharooni and his assistant after splint and stitches were removed. Then the next appointment will be made. You’re not allowed to take a bath as usual yet lest the adhesive tapes get wet. You must still take a bath as you were already instructed. Make an appointment to replace the adhesive tape if the splint or adhesive tapes come loose for any reason.

The patient can tape his/her nose on his/her own a few weeks after rhinoplasty. Firstly, you’ve trained to tape your nose. However educational movies and photos of taping the nose are uploaded to the website. They are also available in the CD and brochure given to you prior to surgery.

When you were trained to tape, you can take a shower every day and replace the tapes gotten wet in the bath and removed there after that. Don’t forget to remove tapes only in the bath after the tapes are totally wet. Otherwise nasal skin will be pulled and inflammation will be aggravated.

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