One of the prevalant question that applicants for rhinoplasty ask Dr. Gharooni is the success rate of rhinoplasty.

It’s a vital point to know that the goal of rhinoplasty is having a better nose following rhinoplasty compared to the nose prior to rhinoplasty. So the nose cannot totally be changed. It’s not doable to remove the patient’s nose and replace it by another nose. We have to utilize your present nose as the material and reshape it to obtain a more beautiful and attractive nose. So if you have a fleshy nose with a thick skin, you cannot expect a very attractive Barbie nose which helps you breath easily. In fact, rhinoplasty enhances the appearance of the nose and reduces its size. The issues you raised and discussed with Dr. Gharooni will be performed as much as possible. You have to compare your nose after rhinoplasgy with your nose before rhinoplasty. You shouldn’t make any comparison between your nose after rhinoplasty and another person who has in advance a better nose.

It is very common that the patients forget their previous nose a few months after rhinoplasty and think they originally had this nose. Then in a party or wedding he/she observes another person whose surgical outcome is much better and elegant than his/hers. Hence he/she concludes that his/her rhinoplasty was not carried out well. But you should compare your present nose with your nose before surgery.

The success rate for improvement of appearance varies from person to person. So a person’s appearance may be enhanced 80 percents. For example if the patient gets a 10 score and he/she obtains an 18 after rhinoplasty which means 80 percent progress. On the other hand, another person may get a 10 before rhinoplasty and gains a 15 which means 50 percent progress. Although both have an equal number of 10 at first, the type of the nose differs. Some deformities can be completely resolved like removal of the hump. Other deformities cannot be resolved.

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