1. Apply a cold compress for 24-48 hours. To prepare the compress make an ice pack by filling a plastic bag with crushed ice and wrap it in a thin fabric then put it on your nose and cheeks or you can easily use a drugstore-bought cold compress.
  2. Refrain from strongly blowing your nose for 2 weeks after rhinoplasty
  3. Don’t eat foods such as sandwich which require chewing a lot during the first week. Other foods are permitted.
  4. Feeling the pain after rhinoplasty is not common. If you are in pain take a painkiller like acetaminophen. Other drugs such as ibuprofen and gelofen are not recommended.
  5. Use drugs and antibiotics prescribed, discharging from hospital.
  6. Don’t fall about laughing for the first 10 days after rhinoplasty.
  7. You would better wear a button-front shirt on the surgery day. Avoid putting on such shirts as polo-neck sweaters or T-shirts that you have to pull them over your head.
  8. Lie down in a supine position facing upward. Using two pillows under head can resolve the nose swelling
  9. Being on complete bed rest is forbidden. Try to walk the day after rhinoplasty, do works that don’t need a lot of effort, but avoid exertion.
  10. You can gently brush your teeth.
  11. Sneezing is normal during a few days after rhinoplasty. Let the air comes out of your mouth. Don’t prevent sneeze coming out your mouth.
  12. Having runny nose as well as a little watery plasma is normal during several days after rhinoplasty.
  13. Call your physician if there is a profuse non-stop bleeding
  14. Don’t worry if you probably have runny eyes a few days after rhinoplasty.
  15. If a tampon is inserted into your nose, book an appointment with your surgeon 72 hours after surgery for removal.
  16. Three to four days after rhinoplasty, after removal of tampon and getting permiossion from your surgeon Start rinsing your nose with volume expander.
  17. Refrain cleaning the nose with kits like ear wax remover sticks
  18. Make an appointment with your doctor’s office for removal of the splint (plaster cast put around your nose) 7-10 days after rhinoplasty
  19. Don’t take a shower while you have a nose in plaster lest it get wet. You can wash your body except your head. Washing the hair does have its limitations. If you insist on washing your head, you’d better sit down on a chair in the bath with your head tilted back and another person gently gives your hair a bath and rinses it off.
  20. Asymmetric nostrils are normal during 7-10 days after rhinoplaty. so don’t worry.
  21. You can wear contact lenses after 2 days after rhinoplasty. In contrast, you’re permitted to wear glasses only 1-2.5 month(s) after surgery.
  22. on the day you have scheduled for removal of the plaster cast on your nose, take a shower one hour prior visiting the office so that splint gets wet and easily be removed in the office.

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