Swelling of the nose varies from person to person on the basis of skin type and it takes the swelling 6 months to 2 years to totally be relieved.  Hence nobody can make any comment about surgical outcome at least for 6 months after rhinoplasty.

Level of nasal inflammation depends on following factors:

  1. Thickness of nasal skin (fleshy or non-fleshy nose): nasal inflammation lasts longer in patients with thick nasal skin (fleshy nose). It takes swollen nose even 2 years to be completely improved and to come in its final shape.
  2. Amount of nasal reduction: the more underlying framework (including bones and cartilage) is shaved and the nose smaller, the longer it takes swelling to be improved. As a period of time is necessary to skin fits realigned nose. The present skin actually is loose for the new framework. This example helps you to come to a better understanding of the issue. Imagine a man gone on diet and lost a lot of weight so that his clothes are loose. The nasal skin bears resemblance to this man’s clothes. But the skin is able to gradually shrink.
  3. Nasal surgery time: although a normal open rhinoplasty needs about 2 hours to be performed, if the nose has many deformities and is in need of more repairs compared to other patients the surgery time increases. The longer surgery time may lead to a more acute and lasting swelling of the nose following rhinoplasty which takes longer to be resolved.

70 percents of inflammation relieves within 2-3 months after rhinoplasty in patients with thin nasal skin and the rest within 6 months.

It is of crucial importance to point out that long-term taping the nose will not speed up the swelling to heal.

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