Patients sometimes say: regardless of a special part, my nose is perfect. For example they say: my nose is perfect except a hump on its bridge and I just want this hump to be shaved and nothing else should be done to my nose.

Dr. Gharooni reminds the patient of the next points:

  1. Although your request might be fulfilled and only the deformity you have in mind be exclusively repaired and the rest nasal parts be left, it is not a wise decision. Although the problem that the patient talked about is the major problem, it is not the only problem. For instance if there is a hump on the patient’s nose, he/she pays his/her undivided attention to the nasal hump and ignore other slight deformities. When the nasal hump is removed by rhinoplasty, previously slight deformities will painfully look obvious.
  2. Performing rhinoplasty is like dominoes in which the deck of tiles is downed by downing the first tile. In rhinoplasty also removing the nasal hump requires lateral osteotomy and narrowing the bony nasal bridge.
  3. You’re spending your time and money to have a rhinoplasty. So you’d better repair all nasal deformities and improve your appearance as much as possible within this rhinoplasty.

However it is of great importance to know you can choose the surgical style. For example you can ask for a natural or a semi-fancy nose after rhinoplasty and your wishes will be fulfilled as much as possible by Dr. Gharooni. But you should avoid requesting your surgeon to repair only a special problem.

Some patients have a nose with lots of deformities that must be resolved up to the hilt to achieve a pretty nose. If such patients ask for correction of only one specific problem, the nose naturally has many disfigurements after rhinoplasty. So they still need a revision rhinoplasty.

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